Cause Panic Attack

Factors That Cause a Panic Attack?

It is possible to easily recognize the very well known signs or symptoms almost right away. The shortness of breath, sweaty palms, plus a rapidly beating heart. You may even experience acute nausea or additional abdominal issues. Trouble swallowing, feeling faint, or becoming dizzy are additional symptoms associated with panic attacks. These are some of the physical signs or symptoms that could be the indication of a panic attack. The big question that you are asking yourself is, what causes a panic attack and just how is it possible to avoid them? Continue reading for the information on this challenging medical condition, including what you should expect, exactly why they happen and what that you can do to prevent them.

Symptoms of a Panic Attack

Prior to discussing what could cause a panic attack, it is a great idea to discover how you can identify these attacks to begin with. Panic attacks are classified as the consequence of the “fight or flight” response that our body naturally has to deal with when stressful or threatening situations occur. Some of the most common outward symptoms of a panic attack may include things like trembling, hyperventilating, sweating, and abdominal cramping. You could also feel lightheaded, dizzy, or nauseous. A few may experience hot flashes, increased heart rate, or some chest pain. Quite a few complain of a sense of impending doom which comes with these physical symptoms at the same time.

So what can cause a panic attack to happen? In some instances, the cause of a panic attack or disorder could be a stressful event such as college graduation, getting married or even having a baby. Some form of significant loss can also cause panic attack. These can include the death of someone close or even a divorce. Medications may trigger a panic attack, especially medications that contain some form of stimulant such as cold medications and weight loss supplements. Substance abuse can also cause panic attacks as well

Panic Disorder or Panic Attack?

Once you become familiar with what can cause a panic attack, the next thing is to determine if you are suffering from a single panic attack or a series of attacks. If you are experiencing numerous attacks then this points to a different condition known as panic disorder. Most individuals will only experience one or two panic attacks their entire life, therefore identifying what can cause a panic attack is not really a relevant pursuit for those individuals. However, if you suffer from frequent attacks within a month, or even a week, these panic attacks will start to affect your daily life. For instance, you might start to alter your routine fearing an attack may occur while you are away from home.

In the event that panic disorder is affecting your life, you will need to figure out what can cause a panic attack so that you can determine the most effective treatment possible. The majority of people discover that a combining medication and psychotherapy are likely to be the most effective treatments for dealing with panic attacks If you wish to know what can causes a panic attack, schedule an appointment with your medical professional for a complete evaluation.

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